The Post Marketplace Test Kitchen offers healthy food options, a convenient pantry, catering, events, and more! 

The Post Pantry

Are you ready to make a difference in Lake County?

Post Pantry is here to bring the community together through our innovative online food pantry powered by Pantry Soft technology. 

Our Mission:

Post Pantry is on a mission to alleviate food insecurity in Lake County and ensure that no one goes to bed hungry. With our cutting-edge Pantry Soft technology, we're revolutionizing how you can access and contribute to the cause.

Seamless Online Experience:

Say goodbye to long lines and hello to convenience! Our user-friendly platform lets you explore a wide range of fresh produce, pantry staples, and more. Just a few clicks, and you're supporting your neighbors in need.

Effortless Delivery:

Your contribution doesn't stop at ordering. We're excited to announce that our delivery service is coming soon! Imagine the impact: you shop, we deliver, and families receive nourishing meals without a hassle.

Community Engagement:

Post Pantry is more than just an online food pantry. It's a community-driven initiative. Join us in volunteering, organizing food drives, and spreading awareness. Let's stand together against food insecurity.

Nourish Lake County:

Every order, every contribution, every act of kindness matters. With Post Pantry, you're making a positive impact on Lake County families and individuals, ensuring that nourishment and hope are just a click away.

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